About Us

Our pieces are made of 100% jewelry grade tungsten carbide.  Tungsten carbide is the most scratch resistant metal known to man.  It is ten times harder than 18k gold, five times harder than steel, and four times harder than titanium.  In short, it is the hardest metal on Earth.  Our tungsten bands give you peace of mind because they come with a Lifetime Warranty that covers accidental damage.

The unique formula of our tungsten carbide allows these rings to be both visually stunning and durable enough for every-day use. You are no longer required to constantly remove and replace your ring in order to protect its finish.  All of our tungsten carbide wedding bands are comfort fit style, providing optimal comfort while wearing the ring and when putting it on or removing it.  Because our tungsten carbide wedding bands are engineered to be maintenance free, we offer a lifetime warranty.

All good things are worth waiting for.  Most of our products are either custom made or made to order and may seem to take longer than usual to deliver.  Please note that we try hard to get your items to you as quick as possible. We ensure that we deliver the best made masterpieces.  If you have any questions regarding delivery please contact us, we’d love to chat just about anything.

ANY ring, ANY design, ANY metal, ANY color, ANY font, ANY text, ANY logo, ANY wild idea, we can make for you.