Gold Masonic Ring with “Square and Compasses”

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Gorgeous Masonic Ring for Special Occasions with freemason symbol “Square and Compasses” 

The Gadu Symbol Ring is a statement piece. This stainless steel piece made out in silver and gold features engraved details embellished with small rhinestones in the square and in the compass that encloses the letter G as the main focus.

In the Masonic symbolism according to the context, the square represents the substance, the material, objective and concrete of the universe, while the compass represents the essence, the spiritual and divine, the subjective and abstract of the cosmos, while the letter "G" represents "God" or The Great Architect of the Universe, usually expressed with the acronym GADU, would be the soul, consciousness and inner mind of man. A seamless high-quality design.

  • 100% Hand Crafted With High Quality
  • Metal material: Stainless steel with partial IP gold plating
  • Surface Width: 18mm


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Ring Sizing Chart

Don't know your ring size? No problem. You can find it by following these simple steps:

  • Wrap a strip of paper around your finger and mark where the paper meets itself
  • Straighten the paper out and measure the strip against a ruler. This is the circumference of your finger.
  • Compare your measurement against the following conversion chart to find your size
US Ring Size Circumference (mm) Circumference (in)
5 49.3 1.94
5.5 50.6 1.99
6 51.9 2.04
6.5 53.1 2.09
7 54.4 2.14
7.5 55.7 2.19
8 57.0 2.24
8.5 58.3 2.29
9 59.5 2.34
9.5 60.8 2.39
10 62.1 2.44
10.5 63.4 2.49
11 64.6 2.54
11.5 65.9 2.59
12 67.2 2.65
12.5 68.5 2.70
13 69.7 2.75
13.5 71.0 2.80
14 72.45 2.850

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